Linkedin blocking my searching, how to fix?

Theo asks:

I am new to IT Rockstars and the one issue I have is utilizing LinkedIn. I do searches and it only allows 1st or 2nd connections within my connection list. Then the search criteria are pretty vague like Phoenix, AZ area….nothing for my town. Lastly, the industries are pretty general as well. I can search for medical but if I want to target orthopaedics, I can’t, it isn’t an option. Am I searching in the right area? Do you have a video I can watch on more detail about using linked in?

Theo - if LinkedIn is restricting your searchs and ability to connect then you have 3 options.

  1. Search for the compane on Google then find thier company LinkedIn profile page. From thier you can connect with the IT buyers.

  2. Sign up to the 2 week trial of Sales Navigator

  3. Connect with local people that have lots of connections, BNI members, chamber members. Once you are connected with them that will open your 2nd degree connections up and allow you to connect with more people.

Here’s a couple of videos I did on the subject (messed up the first so there are 2)